Beautiful snowflakes in Syracuse, New York

Welcome to my website and blog.  I’m a Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yoga Bhajan located in the Syracuse, New York area and I’m exited to be offering Kundalini yoga and meditation classes, workshops, gong baths and kirtan in Central New York.

Here on my blog I look forward to sharing information about Kundalini Yoga (for example, what’s up with the white clothes and the turban?) and Kirtan with you as well as details of events.  Have a look around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit Contact and drop me a line.

In Kundalini Yoga we believe that we have everything we need to live an amazing life.  We are perfect as we are.  Our main mantra or ‘seed’ mantra at the root of all Kundalini Yoga is ‘Sat Naam’.   Sat means truth and Naam means name.

Who we are at our core is the truth and that truth is yoked to the infinite creative force or truth of the universe.  The practices of Kundalini Yoga teach us to listen to and trust the voice of our soul, our truth, so we can blossom into the most authentic version of ourselves.

Sat Naam, peace and light,

Liv Avtar Kaur