“Liv Avtar Kaur leads a beautiful and engaging Kirtan, bringing us into the sacred space through story and song.  Gently encouraging us to go deeper, she truly projects her heart though music.” ~ Melissa


Chanting is a form of meditation.  Think of it as ‘mindful singing’.  Chanting uses mantra to focus the mind and create a state of heart opening vibratory bliss.

People have been chanting the names of the divine for thousands of years. It’s an experience that opens the heart and everyone is encouraged to participate. Even beginners, and anyone new to singing in a group, will feel the joy of connection to spirit as you are lead through learning and chanting the ancient sacred names and mantras.

If you’d like to find out more about Kirtan and Sacred Chant vist this blog post.

You are also welcome to bring a dish to pass for our optional vegetarian pot luck after Mandala Moon Kirtan.

Chanting events are by donation.

Check back soon for future dates.  Or contact me to lead kirtan at your event or venue.