Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

“Kundalini Yoga Classes with Liv Avtar Kaur are incredibly transformative. The subtle shifts in my energy lasts for days after class.  Her instruction and ability to fill the room with her beautiful singing voice makes this unique style of yoga an absolute joy.” ~ Christina

View More: http://mtp.pass.us/beth-annAre you interested in creating more prosperity, peace and joy in your life?

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that gives you the power to connect with the true essence of who you are – creating an abundance of self confidence and self love.

This is a very wholistic type of yoga that balances the nervous and glandular system with chanting mantra, breathing exercises, physical postures and movement, relaxation and meditation.

Keep in mind that although these are series classes we are a friendly bunch so I’d encourage you to drop in at anytime.  🙂  Remember that we live in Syracuse, NY so please check the Contact me & Cancellations page to ensure that class will be taking place if there’s bad weather.

Tuesdays: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at Mandala Moon Yoga from 6pm to 7:30pm.   Mandala Moon yoga is at Slate Hill Wellness at 4303 Slate Hill Road, Marcellus, NY.

Thursdays: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Beginner’s Series at Evolution Yoga from 6pm to 7:30p.  Evolution yoga is at 2700 Bellevue Ave, Syracuse, NY

NEW Workshop – Kundalini Yoga 201.  Tuesday the 12th of March at Mandala Moon Yoga.  Come and build on your knowledge and experience with Kundalini Yoga in this relaxed setting.  Click here to register.  Kundalini Yoga 201 is open to anyone who’s taken at least a few Kundalini Yoga classes and wants the opportunity to discover more about this ancient practice, specifically:

  • Discussion on lifestyle – discover yogic exercises, personal care, and other practices to set yourself up for feeling great as you start your days, plus learn to wind down in a yogic way for a great night’s sleep
  • A discussion on how your thoughts and words shape your reality and how to set yourself up for joy and abundance in life.
  • Begin to change your internal relationship to yourself by practicing the Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger.
  • Experience Kirtan Kriya meditation for 31 minutes, feeling the energy of the group carrying us during this extended meditation time.
  • Relax to the vibration of the gong as it deeply removes energy blocks and heals at a cellular level.
  • Plus you’ll have an opportunity to try different head coverings and wear them as we practice.

Students should come dressed in comfortable clothes.  Something you can move in.  Bring a mat if you have one, or there are ones to borrow at the studios.  If you are new to Kundalini Yoga check out this post from my blog, What to Expect in a Kundalini Yoga Class.

Beginners are always encouraged to attend an ongoing or other series class.