Join us twice a month – on the new and full moon – for a high vibrational and deep healing experience. Experience the sounds of ancient and sacred instruments including gongs, shruti box, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, the conch, shamanic drums and flutes, Koshi chimes, and more. You’ll leave feeling aligned, open to possibility, and deeply at peace.

Liv Avtar Kaur will be joined this New Moon by Nadia Tsai. Nadia is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher from Manlius, and she’ll be adding to the vibration with her gong and other instruments.

During this 90-minute* experience, you’ll practice a deep meditation to prepare you to receive the healing vibrations of the gongs and other instruments. You’ll then relax on your back or remain sitting for the sacred sound immersion.

The gong and other sacred vibrational instruments enhance the releasing process. The gong is one of the oldest instruments and it has been used for healing, relaxation and meditation practices for centuries. All frequencies effect us at a cellular level. The vibrations of a sound healing reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being.

The new moon provides us with the opportunity to set intentions, to plant seeds that will then grow as the moon reveals itself more and more over the coming days and weeks.

Dress comfortably, and bring a yoga mat and any comfort items you desire (blanket, eye pillow, insulated water bottle). Props are available for use at the studio as well.

*Please note new pricing to coincide with extended event time. Gong events are now 90 minutes!

Pre-registered: $15
At the door: $20