Sat Naam Dear Ones!

Last weekend several workshops at the Inner Sanctuary in Baldwinsville were offered with Kartar Khalsa: The Yoga and Physics of Gratitude and Cultivating a Healing Heart.

Kartar Khalsa will be offering another workshop, Changing Habits and Shattering Patterns in Rochester on the 3rd of June at the Assisi Institute at 1400 North Winton Road, Rochester, New York.  To register: contact Sat Dharm Sing at 585 309-2135 or Siri Deva Singh at

I’d encourage anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga in the Syracuse, CNY and Rochester areas to attend.  There are many amazing teachers in our area – and that number is growing thanks to the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings being offered by Kartar Singh, Hari Kirin Khalsa and other trainers at the Inner Sanctuary – but having the opportunity to attend a class or workshop with someone who trained with Yogi Bhajan, as Kartar did, is a not to be missed opportunity.

Anyone who’s interested in carpooling from the Syracuse area contact me.

Light and peace,

Liv Avtar Kaur