IMG_0056Exploration of the 10 Bodies during 2, 5 Week Series Plus an Akara Numerology Workshop

The 2nd, 5 week series on the 10 Bodies begins on the 9th of May. We will be exploring one of our Energy Bodies of consciousness each week, specifically, the Archline, The Aura, the Pranic Body, the Subtle Body and the Radiant Body.

Go to the Mandala Moon website and click on Mindy Body to register for this series.

The 1st, 5 week series is currently running and ends on the 2nd of May.

During the 10 weeks of the series and the workshop we will be exploring the science of the 10 Bodies of Kundalini Yoga. Our Physical Body is the only body that’s actually visible to most of us, the rest of our bodies incorporate the mind plus our energy bodies, like the Auric Body, The Archline and the Radiant Body. During each week of the series classes you will gain an understanding of one of the bodies plus learn mantra, kryia and meditations that work to balance that specific body, creating harmony in your life and relationships with yourself and others.

During the Numerology workshop we learned which bodies are most important for us to balance based on our personal Akara Numerology calculated during the workshop. Plus we had a Kundalini Yoga class with a gong mediation to follow. We will run this workshop again. Please chec back or follow the LivAvtar Yoga Facebook page to be notified of workshop and event dates.

“There is a wisdom that is the harmony of your being. It resounds the music of your spirit and spreads like waves to everyone in your vicinity.” ~ Yogi Bhajan