“The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind, there is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind, the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It’s the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

We held our first Full Moon Meditation and Gong Bath at Mandala Moon Yoga in Marcellus, New York just outside of Syracuse on May of 2017.  We had such an amazing response that this event will now be offered monthly.  Visit Workshops and Events to see future dates. 

The gong is one of the oldest instruments. It has been used for healing, relaxation and meditation practices for centuries. All frequencies effect us at a cellular level. A gong bath’s vibrational sound and frequency help reduce stress, alter consciousness, heal body mind and spirit, and create a deep sense of peace and well being.

Because the full moon shines a light on the darkness in our lives we have an an opportunity to see what isn’t serving us and let it go during the full moon.  Obstacles, challenges, ‘garbage’ accumulated in our subconscious and our own negative habits and behaviors can be shed making way for joy, abundance and our heart’s desire. We are free to dwell in the realm of possibility once again.

During this hour long experience, you’ll first set an intention around releasing that which isn’t serving you, followed by some some simple stretching and breathing exercises to prepare the body for our meditation and then a period of deep relaxation lying on your back and allowing the vibrations of the gong to wash over you.

It truly is blissful and a different experience every time.  We hope you’ll join us soon.

Light and Peace,

Liv Avtar Kaur