As Ajeet Khalsa from Knoxville, Tennessee sings in her signature yoga program for adults and kids, ‘the dancing spider’s lots of fun’, and we got to find out just how much fun it is!

Cathleen Kelly from Fiddlehead Grove Healing and Retreat Center organized this event for our community on Saturday the 7th of April.  Kids and parents enjoyed a class of yoga poses, relaxation and a Kirtan Kriya Meditation to give children and parents an opportunity to get fit, relax and find peace together.  Ajeet sings the whole class with live music.  Myself and a few other local musicians had the extreme pleasure of accompanying Ajeet for this exuberant event.

With so many wonderful teachers and mantra artists coming to Syracuse to lead and teach, Syracuse is a wonderful place to be Kundalini yogi!

Love and Light

Liv Avtar Kaur