Sat Naam

The 3rd annual Metaphysical Fair at Sandalwood Stone yesterday was a wonderful day.  Heather Paris from and I shared space.  She talked to people about what she can do to transform people’s lives with her Life Coaching offerings and our shared Kundalini Yoga Class on Monday nights at Auburn Public Theater.



I had a busy day providing Akara Numerology readings and talking about the transformative effects of Kundalini Yoga.  It’s always such a joy to help people understand themselves better through ‘doing their numbers’ and then give them Kundalini Yoga practices that help them manage their challenges in life.

Numerology is an ancient practice.  Basically, I do some simple calculations based on a person’s birthday and this provides us with 5 numbers that link to the 10 bodies in Kundalini Yoga.  When the person leaves they not only understand themselves better but they have a roadmap to help them manage life better with Kundalini Yoga Practices.

It’s always so cool to work with a person on this, whether they do Kundalini Yoga or not.  Often they will have a revelation on why they have done something all their life a certain way and it’s satisfying watching that all fall into place.  Then I talk to them on what challenges they might want to work on and give them meditation, mantras and breathing exercises to help them overcome specific challenge.

Then it was to the demonstration tent where I lead a Healing Meditation – Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung – followed by an expansive Gong Bath.


Already looking forward to next year.

LivAvtar Kaur