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Join us for a 2 week introductory mini-series on Kundalini Gong Yoga to remove emotional blocks, heal the body, clear the mind and elevate your consciousness. After a Gong Yoga class you’ll feel clear, calm and relaxed.
When the Gong is usually played in yoga classes it’s reserved for relaxation at the end of class. Most people agree that they feel more relaxed after relaxation with the gong than without. That’s because the Gong is activating your life force energy or Prana guiding you deeper into the healing effects of the relaxation.
During a Gong Yoga class the Gong is used as a tool to activate and guide your Prana or life force energy deeper during any part of the class.
This allows you to extend further into the energetic affects of the yoga practice. The postures could make you feel more energized, the mediation deeper, chanting sweeter, the breathing exercises more effective and relaxation even more of a release.
Register in advance here.  Come and see just how good YOU can feel.
Come dressed comfortably and bring a yoga mat if you have one. We also have mats and props at the studio you can borrow if need be.
Investment: 2 class series: $25. Single class drop in rate: $15. Bring a friend series rate: $20 each (both participants must sign up together to be eligible for this rate)
Evolution Yoga is at 2700 Bellevue Ave, Syracuse, NY in the Winkworth Professional Building